Father’s Day



Watching my son with his daughter is amazing.

When boys are young you are with them daily and know everything about them. As they get older you want them to be independent but you loose that daily connection. They go to college, move away from home to live in dorm rooms and apartments, and the connection is more distant. You see them, speak on the phone, they come for family occasions, check in with you regularly. All this is how it should be, there is still a strong connection but everyone goes on with their lives.

Then they meet that special women and their is another shift in the mother/son relationship. In my case I’m blessed with two amazing daughter’s-in-law with whom my sons have started a new life. Their mother is still an important part of their live but they have their own family.

Next comes the announcement of a baby. I really had no idea how much I would love my first grandchild and I’m fortunate to see her often. This past weekend, Father’s Day weekend, I watched my son with his daughter (now two and a half). Of course he’s very protective of her but also wants her to try new things, become independent, grow. As we descended a slope at a park she took his hand and I watched them together and remembered holding his hand when he was that age. Full circle.

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Kathy is a seasoned and enthusiastic traveler always planning her next trip. Although still working fulltime in the travel industry for St Barth Properties, Inc, she’s starting to conceptualize what the future will look like when she decides to pull back from full time work. With no date in mind, and still liking what she does, she is happily looking at all options and finding the exercise exhilarating and overwhelming!
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