April 15, 2013 Boston Marathon Explosions


The terrible tragedy on April 15, 2013, the bombing at the finish line of the Boston Marathon has left everyone filled with sadness, shock, and anger.  Innocent people cheering on friends and family, many of them running for charitable causes, brought down by bombs designing to inflict wounds that would cause death, loss of limbs, and great pain.  Families, small children, students, friends, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers of the runners.  Who could be so cold and hateful to do this?

If anything good can come of this devastating event its the reminder of the goodness in most people.  In the immediate aftermath of the bombing heros emerged – spectators who were spared the effects of the blast , runners, medical personel, and members of the police and fire departments that ran not away from the blasts, but toward it to help.  There would be many more casualties and loss of limbs had it not been for these brave people.

Shocked by what happened, the sentiment I’m hearing from so many people  is to live each day,  and don’t  allow the bad guy to win.  He/she/they will be caught and although I normally don’t agree with capital punishment I wish this person or group 100 times the pain they inflicted on innocent people.  Yes, I’m angry.