Can I just speak to a real person please?


bang-your-head-syndromeI just switched cable companies again – why do I do this to myself? Two years ago I switched from Comcast to Verizon hoping for better service and better TV. I signed a two year agreement for considerably less money than I was paying and received a $250 cash card for my trouble. Great, except the service wasn’t any better and the programming just as lousy and two years later they want to charge me $25 more a month for the same lousy service and bad television. I figured I’d show them and switch back to Comcast. Three hours online, a very frustrating telephone call, and another three hours of installation and I again have lousy television and unbelievably frustrating service. I’m convinced we’re crazy if we think computers and internet have made our daily lives easier and faster. As my wise son says, someday we’re look back at what we put up with today and shake our heads.

Just to relate a little of the nonsense that is cable subscription…..
The first time I opened the Comcast site I chose the plan I wanted and was half way through answering the questions before hitting the little button to confirm my acceptance when the evil little “chat” box popped up. “Can I help you check out” it said (is there a real person behind that little box or just canned messages! God I hope its canned messages otherwise there are complete morons working for our cable companies!) I ignored the blinking box for a minute but it kept popping up so I gave in. It started asking me the same questions I just answered but I sighed and went along with it. After another half hour of answering the same questions and waiting in between and there was a hiccup and it bumped me out of the site. I gave up for the night, but what annoyed me is I wasn’t even that upset – I expected to have issues! How sad is that?

Two nights later I started again and half way through the questions the little box came up, but I ignored it. Over and over it said “can I help you check out” finally I politely said, “no all set thanks, just finishing up”. Again it said “can I help you check out” it turns out they aren’t asking – they’re telling you. La, la, la, lala, la – Can’t check out with out me. Sigh.

After another half hour of the same stupid questions and the little box told me I was done and the check out person would take over — up pops another chat box. This time I figured we were getting close and patience is a virtue. After more delays the little box tells me there is an issue and it won’t be possible to finish at this time. “What are you kidding me”? I blew up at the box and demanded to talk to someone, nothing, nothing, nothing — then up pops a number to call.

So now I was finally talking to a real person – Yes! progress! I knew exactly what I wanted by this time so it should be a breeze right? Everything was going swimmingly until she pointed out that the price wasn’t quite what I thought, that was the online price she said. You can only get that price when you sign up online. Poor girl – it was like the volcano exploded, she’ll never be the same. No wait, she works for the cable company, they get screamed at every day!


I'm in my sixties with the world at my feet and thoughts mostly of "where to next?". I retired in 2017, sold my house in Massachusetts and most of my furniture and "stuff." When not traveling you can find me in Florida in the winter and Rhode Island in the summer. Travel has been a passion from a young age, over the years I've discovered I'm a traveler, not a tourist. I prefer traveling solo, with a travel friend, or small groups. Whenever possible I would rather spend time in one place rather than moving around. I'll never turn down an opportunity to go to France, but my travels have taken me all over the world. I've met some incredible people and had some fantastic experiences.

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