Getting to know Edinburgh, our last two days in Scotland.


On Friday and Saturday, our last two days in Scotland, we decided to see how many steps we could log onto the Fitbit and explore Edinburgh more fully. This street performer was amazing. He, or she, was on the Royal Mile every day on the bike rock steady, not moving a muscle. I have no idea how anyone can stay that still for so long but its fascinating to watch.

We returned to the Elephant Room café for breakfast because we really liked the atmosphere and tea.

We went back to the Museum of Scotland and had lunch at the lovely atrium cafeteria.

Went into the lobby of the Balmoral Hotel to check it out (not as impressive as we expected).

Visited some of the Scotland National Gallery.

Sat on a bench in Prince’s Street Park on a lovely afternoon watching young kids – and old kids – playing or strolling.

On Saturday we saw several wedding parties going to or from wedding venues. The men typically wear the whole kilt set up – kilt, kilt pin, sporran, hose, garters, flashes, brooch, fancy shirt and jacket and Ghillie brogues, that you tie up over the socks with little pompoms at the end. I do love a man in a kilt!

Near the posh Hotel Balmoral we passed a man walking down the street with his young son, probably only 4 or 5 years old, both in full and matching regalia. I asked the father if I could take their picture but his son was having none of it. He quickly darted behind his father’s kilt and wouldn’t come out. I gave in and took a picture of dad – then hoping to get a candid of the son as they walked away, hid behind a planter (yes, I’m not proud of it) but the kid was no dummy and was on guard, not wanting any part of a picture by this crazy stranger.

It was nice to have a day with no particular plans, we even has time to go into Edinburgh library and peruse an interesting exhibition about food and food preparation in Scotland over the centuries.

Saturday night we returned to the restaurant NO 1 on the Royal Mile for steak and ale pie and some pub music.

Sunday morning we left our Inn Place Hotel and took the very convenient bus back to the airport for our return home.

It was a great trip and I’d like to come back some day. Its on my list of cities to spend a month of two when I retire.