Hello world!


Hello World!
My first post – yippee! Just have to improve my Word Press skills and I’ll be good to go. Fortunately my big brother, Ron Foreman, owner of Empower You ,a WordPress web design and optimization company in Toronto, has been very patient with his technically stupid sister. Nice to have an expert in the family.

My mind is reeling from the number of blog posts I’ve been reading recently. There are so many, and so many really good ones. I’ve been focusing on perpetual travelers, usually young and enthusiastic, who I envy for their carefree vagabond lives, and retired travelers. You see I’m getting to a stage of my life where I’m actually thinking that some day I’ll quit working full time. (note to employer – not for a few years!)

I’ve had all kinds of ideas over the last few months but I usually drift off in other directions abandoning former thoughts. However the one idea that seems to crop up over and over, and is gaining ground, is the idea of selling the condo, and traveling for a couple of years.
I’m thinking of staying in one area for a month or two. Of course that requires all kinds of thought: where would I go first, for how long, would I rent apartments or house-sit,what about volunteer work or a digital job, finances, health insurance? Would I be lonely, and then what? The interesting thing is if you have a theme, there is a blog that covers it. I haven’t found the retired and wandering solo woman blog yet, but there are some great couples blogs out there like Home Free Adventures . Lynne and Tim Martin chucked everything and hit the road in 2011 and have since been traveling each with two suitcases and a laptop all over the world. Very interesting and informative.
Over the next months I’ll be researching more about more about this lifestyle. In the meantime I’m researching and planning future trips and will share. Coming up in the near future are St Barth, Florida and Peru. Stay Tuned.

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