Matlacha, Florida – Just a fun place to spend a few hours.


Sparky! one of the many fun sights at the Leama Lovegrove Gallery

Colorful Matlacha Florida 

Matlacha Florida – Art, Artists, and fishing!  

Matlacha, Florida is an artist colony and fishing haven all in one.  Once you’ve exhausted the art galleries and gift shops you can head off to Bert’s Bert’s Bar for beer, fresh seafood, and some island music on the deck. Or, if you’re looking for a nice glass of wine and a seafood salad head to Pine Island and Tarpon Lodge about 8 miles, 15 minutes away.  

Lessons learned

I often take guests for a day of bright colors, art that amazes, and fun.  However, after several visits, I’ve learned some lessons.  Parking is limited and it gets crowded, especially in the winter.  To get a decent parking space get there no later than 9:45 and leave the shopping area by noon.   If those times aren’t possible there is a park just off the road with additional parking and a doable walk, but the crowds may bug you.   

More out back……

When you go into the galleries and gift shops (Wild Child and Leoma Lovegrove) be sure to find the gardens in back, they are as good as the galleries themselves.    I often spend more time in the “backyards” as I do inside the shops.  

Wild Child Gallery Matlacha Florida

Wild Child Matlacha Florida

Friendly artists ready to show off their creations

Wild Child gallery is one of my favorite stops.  In the Florida busy winter season, you can usually find an artist or two out in the Wild Child backyard. They are eager to talk about their craft, do a demonstration, or just chat about the weather.  This is Florida, there are a plethora of retirees-turned-artists who have the time to shoot the breeze. 

“Wild Child” artists in residence. 

Of course, they would love it if you’d buy something, but no hard feelings if you aren’t in the buying mood that day.   Wild child backs up to a canal that is charming, has a sweet backyard with a colorful gazebo, and plenty of clever, colorful and artistic things to look at. 

Leoma Lovegrove is a well known Florida Artist and generally flamboyant creature.  You’ll often find her puttering in the gallery backyard or encouraging the budding artist in her gallery art classes.   

Walk around the gallery yard and you can’t help but smile.  Everywhere you look is color and creativity, if you notice a blonde woman with crazy clothes, hair, and wild glasses, you can bet its Leoma. 

Leoma Lovegrove art camper, Matlacha FL

Leoma’s Crazy camper, Matlacha Florida 

Artist at work. Matlacha FL

Artist classes at Leoma Lovegrove, Matlacha Fl

 Leoma Lovegroves "backyard' gallery. Matlacha Florida

Bet you wonder what to do with your empty bottles! Matlacha FL

Sparky! Matlacha FLorida

I call him “Sparky”! Matlacha FL

Leoma Lovegrove's parrot. Matlacha FL

This little guy is cute but he’s also got a temper so keep fingers away.

Love Boat, Matlacha Fl

Bottles and boats, Matlacha FL

Camper closeup Matlacha Fl

Crazy Camper, Leoma Lovegrove Gallery, Matlacha Florida


Lovegrove Gallery backyard Matlacha Fl

Matlacha, FL

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