Another year…. oh my.


Just remember, once you’re over the hill you begin to pick up speed. – Charles Schultz

It’s my birthday today, 64 – there I’ve said it. Now I’ll move on.     My mother is 91 and as sharp as a tack. She isn’t as limber physically as she might like but she can get around on her own steam, mostly with the help of a cane, and is finishing a book about her life that she’s been working on for several years. She’s the most upbeat, kind, interesting, person I know and I cherish the 2 hour conversations we have every Sunday morning. We talk about everything from family (I come from a big one so that takes a few minutes), politics, our past travels, my future travels, computer issues (she’s getting used to an iPad and often has questions) and any other topic that pops into our heads. Those two hours go by quickly and I look forward to the next.
When I gripe about getting old she laughs and tells me how she’d love to be 64 again because it was a great time of her life. I agree, it is a great time in my life.