My Life as an Avignonian


Today is Friday so I’ve been in France a week and I’m just beginning to relax. Today I took in Avignon, unfortunately the woman I was supposed to meet today couldn’t make it because of car issues. We’ve made plans to meet tomorrow for the famous Saturday market that takes over Uzes.

So I decided to get to know Avignon today and my first stop is Les Halle’s, a large indoor market in downtown Avignon that is open every morning. The outside walls of this building are covered with growing vegetation, quite neat, and appropriate for a market!

Inside there’s every thing you need to make a fresh Provençal meal. Fruits and veggies of course, cheeses, breads, pastries, dried fruit and herbs, wine, meat, fish – you name it. There is also a slew of tourists following a woman with a flag – Viking Cruises – and carrying head sets. I’m carefully watching the locals greet the vendors, have a little small talk, then get down to business carefully choosing the goods. Some produce vendors have little baskets that you fill and give to the vendor, she or he picks out all the potatoes or apples or whatever and weighs them in groups. Then the buyer throws everything is a shopping bag, mostly straw bags with handles, like a beach bag, they pay and off they go. I’m intimidated because in Avignon few people speak English so they rattle off all this French you have to translate quickly (and fail) or stare blankly. However I plunge ahead and fill one of the baskets then check out without completely making a fool of myself.

Now – do you want to know why ‘French Women Don’t Get Fat’ – it’s because they lug all this stuff home every day. There are few cars in the downtown because parking is scarce, the streets narrow, and you just have to drive around all the people and tourists anyway so you might as well walk.
Of course if I didn’t have wine in the bag it would be lighter!

and the fruit of my labor ……..TADA!

The rest of the day isn’t worth much ink. I wandered all over town – Fitbit at 12000 steps, entered whatever looked interesting and also went to check on Blanche. She’s in that huge free parking lot just outside the walls and I just felt better making sure she was still there and ready to take me to Uzes in the morning.

Just a bit about sleeping and eating. I’ve not felt he need to eat out much, other than lunch on the first day, and the lunch with Shelley in Uzes I’ve stuck to home. For no other reason than I felt like it.

As for sleeping.
It’s 10:31 and this is what is outside my window. Even with the windows closed I hear talking, plates clattering, glasses clinking, and oddly the occasional singing. This will likely go on until at least 11 – so I use the time to catch up on writing. However I’d better get used to it or plan to become a night person.

Bon sour, dormiez bien! Or not.

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  1. Oh man! I bet that very fresh salad was marveilleuse! We now have a Farrmer’s Market in our nearby park here in Toronto every Tuesday. The dinner that night -largely vegetables – is sooooo good. Enjoying this very much, Kath.

  2. Ok…. I am a night person! Dinner at 930 is great
    For me… One in France needs to eat late… Sip coffee
    On the veranda in the am and then walk… Coffe
    Pastries at 11 ish and run right into a lay 2 -3 pm lynch
    With wine… Small rest and aperitif at 5 … And it
    All over again! Sound line you are having a fantastic time
    Just me been cheeky and toasting the sunset
    Cheers to you…

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