Nostalgia: Remembering the Mini Moke.


david mini mockOde to the Mini Moke….

Remember those funny looking glorified golf carts called Mini Mokes that cruised around the islands back in the day? You know the guy in the Hawaiian shirt, Bermuda shorts, flip flops, baseball cap, and a surf board propped over the roll bar – even if he had no intention of surfing?

I still have requests for Mini Moke rental in St Barth, usually wistfully, from middle aged guys wanting to bring back their youth and the carefree life. But here’s the rub – the British Motor company stopped making Mini Mokes in the early 90s. The few left on St Barth, causing major Moke envy, are few and far between and owned by either the wealthy (David Letterman motors around the island wearing his ‘Late Night with David Letterman’ t-shirt), or the mechanically inclined. (They break down a lot and parts are hard to find.) Still, there is even a sustained  Mini Moke Club with a newsletter and everything AND in 2010 there was talk of a Mini Moke rebirth that, excuse me, isn’t anything like the old. Actually it’s a mini cooper with the doors taken off – not cool! You wouldn’t even get wet when it (inevitably) rains on your way to dinner.