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Peru Travel:  Kids playing dolls in the Arequipa Market while parents are working.

Peru Travel: Kids playing dolls in the Arequipa Market while parents are working.

Single, in my 60s and love to travel, often solo.  

I recently retired after 16 years selling villa vacations on the exclusive island of St Barth in the Caribbean. I have two amazing sons and daughters-in-law, and four beautiful granddaughters.  I live half the year in Fort Myers, Florida and the other half at Wakefield, Rhode Island.  However, travel has been a passion since my first trip to Europe when I was 19.  I travel often and often solo.  My first solo experience was in Paris for a week, Paris is Always a Good Idea (Audrey Hepburn) Since then 

I was born and grew up in Montreal, Quebec.  After my senior year of high school my mother and I flew to Geneva, stopping along the way first in Ireland,  then London and Amsterdam reach for two nights.  I was in awe! The lush green hills and friendly people of Ireland, the history and overwhelming size of London, and the fascination of a different language and culture in Amsterdam were thrilling for me.  I was excited by it all and took it in like a thirsty sponge. I spent that year at school in Lausanne, Switzerland. I saw much of Switzerland, and during Easter break, we went by bus through the south of France into and around Spain.  I had a front row seat as I saw places mentioned in my European history classes.  I saw ancient Roman ruins; stepping onto the “pont” in Avignon; walking through the Saint-Paul asylum gardens where Van Gogh lived; seeing firsthand the Moorish influence of the Alhambra, the excitement of a bullfight

At the end of the school year, my roommate and I traveled by train through Italy before flying back home via London.  We stopped in Milan, Florence, and Rome.  I saw so much that year and met people from all over the world.  I had housemates from various European countries as well as Iran, the Philippines, Honduras, Brazil, Venezuela, Sweden, Japan, and many more, and I was fascinated by the cultural differences and histories of these women.  I learned a lot about myself that year, I discovered I am a traveler, not a tourist, and I will always find a way to experience new cultures and meet new people. 

Fast forward to after college, and child-rearing years, in 1988 I had an opportunity to go to the USSR with a college group. Then in 1995 my newly widowed mother and I decided to take a trip together again.  We chose Greece and Turkey, an area of the world we both were anxious to experience.  That trip led to many more adventures and over the next 12 years we toured Israel and Egypt, spent three weeks traveling through China, drove through southern England, cruised the Danube.  I also went to France, Italy, Austria, Ireland, Alaska, Mexico, Hawaii, Peru and the Baltic countries. In the last three years, I’ve delighted in visiting Scotland, Iceland, and Norway and beautiful Nova Scotia.


  • shelley August 5, 2013 at 8:29 pm Reply

    You are Fabulous…..Good for you
    Kathy Schlitzer.com go for it !

    • Kathryn Schlitzer August 6, 2013 at 12:17 am Reply

      Thanks Shell – I’m enjoying the writing. Come back periodically as I add more posts – or better still follow me. Just click the “follow me” link on the home page. I’m planning a trip to NYC to do agency visits this fall I’ll let you know when. Dinner? K

  • Victoria January 26, 2016 at 9:45 am Reply

    Hello Shelley,
    This is Victoria from Villa SASIE in St Barts, writing from St Barts just now! read your postings with interest and pleasure. I have spent much time in Concord Massachusetts, went to Smith college and Harvard Medical School, lived and worked umpteen years in Zurich CH and LOVE Montreal and have son-in-law and Canadian grandchildren! I LOVE travelling like you, and arrived at 16yrs to smith College from Singapore and have not stopped since then!!

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