Summer time in St Barth

Goat Cheese salad - La Gloriette St Barth

St Barth natives go to a beach bar for Sunday lunch or have friends over and cook for them. Sundays are family days and sacred.

Sunday afternoon with friends in St Barth

For me, one of the highlights of a trip to St Barth is being invited to lunch or dinner at my friend Pascale and Christophe’s house. It’s not only the food, (Pascal is a fabulous cook), or their open-air dining room, it’s not even the champagne and good French wine, its the company she always attracts.

It’s the conversation man!

I’ve had several Sunday afternoons at their house with some very interesting people discussing topics in French and English about travel, politics, family and children, food, and even the weather. It’s never boring and although I miss half the conversation in French, I love to sit back and watch everyone. Invariably there are children and pets running around which only adds to the crazy and fun atmosphere.

After a hard week of work…..

I spent last week working in St Barth and was thrilled to be invited to a last-minute dinner party, Chez Pascale and Christophe. This time they invited our island St Barth Properties coworkers, people I’ve known for years but rarely have a chance to spend time outside of work. I was seriously looking forward to this evening.

Sushi “boats”

With little time to cook on a work day, Pascale ordered “boats” from Yo Sushi Mania and, not surprising, (after all this is St Barth) it was some of the best sushi I’ve had. The sushi was delivered in wonderful wooden boats, which were aimageimagedmired and commented on – then picked up in the morning to reuse for another happy customer. Brilliant!

The best part is our work never entered the conversation. Just a bunch of friends getting together.



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