Technology: is it taking us forwards or backwards. Hmmmm?


I saw this cartoon in the local paper and I wasn’t sure whether I thought it funny or sad.
In any case it’s true.  As I’m packing and preparing for my trip to Peru next week I’m vowing to stay away from my work email while on vacation yet I’m preparing my luggage around bringing my electronics.  (iPad, iPhone, camera, cases, headphones, chargers, and various gadgets to download pictures etc.)  Then I’ll make room for clothing!  On the other hand my iPhone serves as a camera, alarm, currency converter, flashlight, guide book, address book – and my iPad is my journal etc, so I suppose it evens out.

I digress, back to the cartoon – don’t you wish you could completely detach sometimes?  Do we really need to be connected day and night.  Is anything that important? Will the world fall apart if we aren’t instantly aware of an email.  Is a text better than a phone call?  Actually it takes several texts to complete what a phone call can do in half the time.  A recent discussion at work centered around frustration about emails copied to several people resulting in a long email string with everyone weighing in and wasted time.  If its that important to get everyone involved wouldn’t a face to face meeting or conference call be more efficient?
Our society is inundated with technology and are we really better off? I would certainly argue that customer service has declined! I recently made an error and paid my Verizon bill to a Verizon Wireless account I had in my bank contacts (I no longer have a Verizon Wireless account and neglected to delete it when I cancelled the service). It was my error but it took 6 months and numerous calls to Verizon Wireless to have the funds refunded.  The customer service people I talked to were clueless and every time I called I spoke to a different person and started over.  Clearly the answer to this question wasn’t in the manual so they had no idea what to do.  Several times I was told it was all set and I would receive a check in the mail in 5-6 weeks.  Not! The next time I called they knew nothing about it.  No check was on its way.  I finally found the email address of a Verizon Wireless exec and got an immediate response from an underling – but it still took more calls and several weeks to finally find out the funds had been forwarded to my Verizon account.  Twenty years ago the whole thing would have been taken care of with a phone call.  Are we really more efficient or have we been dumbed down by technology?  Don’t get me wrong, I love my gadgets, but am I really more efficient or better off in the long run?  Will my grandchildren live in a better world for all this technology.  I actually think not. Just sayin…..


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  1. regarding the cartoon- yes-yes-yes- I still love to hear a voice!!!!!! Right now I’m going through the same thing with Lowes on our floor in n.h. After person # ll I am ready to scream- just substitute lowes for Verizon- I LOVE MY PHONE a dinosaur named milly do remember you are on vacation ( this word means a relief for working the job you do every day!!!!!!!!!!)

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