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Preventing Lost Luggage Tips (ongoing….)

1. Invest in a good, sturdy luggage tag. Never rely on the airlines paper tags they fall off leaving your luggage lost and lonely.
3. For the same reason put a copy of your itinerary, including your name and contact info in your bag.
2. Check in early, last minute bags are usually more susceptible to not reaching the aircraft and getting lost in the shuffle.
4. Ship your bag with UPS or FEDEX especially if the bag is over the weight limit. Airlines charge a hefty amount for overweight bags and it might be cheaper and easier to ship in advance to your destination. Requires some advance planning but could be well worth it.
5. Use one of those colorful luggage straps, especially of your bag is older and over filled! It also deters thieves from rummaging through your bag, and makes identifyling the bag coming off the carousel easier as well.
6. Take photos of the outside of your bag which will help the airline rep searching for your lost bag and while you’re at it take a photo of your baggage claim in case you lose it!
7. Take pictures of the contents of your bag as you pack. This will help in reimbursement if the bags ends up in that unfathomable black hole never to be seen again.
8. Avoid short layovers – they increase the likelihood that your bag won’t make it to the connecting plane and to your destination.

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